MyPassport 2TB suddenly can't stop disconnecting

FIRST OF ALL, why is it so [Deleted] hard to reset and set password on WD? Is it some marketing scheme to prevent people from posting their issues on the forum?

SECOND, I have to say I never had much problem with my WD drives. I currently use a 2TB MyPassport drive with a Macbook Air.

But suddenly, since yesterday, I fired up iTunes and it just started randomly disconnecting. I tried again, it work for 2 minutes and then disconnected again. Which, when you use iTunes or any other media with a drive, is REALLY annoying.

I don’t know where the problem comes from or how to fix it, but given the attitude of the drive I suspect it is related to the USB end on the drive OR battery/energy issue which in fact as always been a concern of mine for portable drive (what’s the energy foot print?)

Some help please ?

You might want to try testing the drive for errors.

Follow the instructions on this link: