MyPassport 1TB Not spinning/strange noises

Hello everyone

I bought the MyPassport 0740 about a month ago and was happy with it until now.

When I connected it to my computer today  it started spinning like always, but made a few intensive reading noises and then it made a louder beeping noise. With this beeping noise the spinning was aborted. After 3-4 seconds it starts again with the same procedure and after 5-10 times it just stops and does nothing.

The light is always blinking when I connect it to the computer.

I tried it on other computers too but it just made the same things again.

First I thought it doesn’t get enough power but that wouldn’t make sense. Why would it suddenly not get enough power anymore? Unfortunately I don’t have another cable like this strange USB3 that came with it (never seen that before) to test this theory.

My hardware:

Alienware m17x R3 with BIOS a08 (will not update because of SATA-III errors of newer versions of BIOS)

Mypassport 0740 -  Serial number:  

To the software:

DLGDiag shows me that the drive has 0mb capacity and all the tests (of other programs, too) show me that there’s no problem (obviously there is). However the “Health status” is on “warning”.

I can see my external only as Physical drive and not as logical.

I can see the drive in Devices and Printers and can eject it safely, but I don’t see it in Disk Management or in computer.

Edit: Forgot to mentions it is formatted in NTFS 

I don’t really care if I have to reformat it, I have most of the data on my older (very slow) drive. If that will solve the problem I’m very happy do destroy all this data :) 

If anyone knows how to solve it please answer me :slight_smile:



Sounds like a faulty hard drive, but you can try to write zeros with DLG.

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When connected does the drive make buzzing/slight beeping sounds? If so - heads are stuck to platters and would require recovery. Think of it like putting your car in Drive position while pressing on the break pedal. It just doesn’t move…

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sadly, this didn’t solve anything. The problem is WDdlgd shows that the drive has 0mb capacity. so it writes zeros on nothing. Should I just contact WD and get a new one?