Mypassport 1TB fell from 1metre and its not working, it gets the power supply but does not spin

Hello My WD mypassport 1TB harddrive fell from a height of 1 metre, it is not spinning. The USB 3.0 port it okay. When i connected it is getting the power supply, but it is not spinning. I have given the harddrive to a professional, but he says the data is encrypted so cannot be recovered. he says if it spins he can recover. please suggest some methods to over the encryption. Is there any other solution? will I ever get to see my data from the harddrive again?


Not sure if there is a solution besides sending the drive to a mayor data recovery company.

Those drives comes with a AES 256 bit encription so is very dificult to go over it.

“The professional” that you brought it to wasnt really a professional if he can’t get the drive to spin again. when you connect the drive and put your ear to it you will head slight beeping sounds I bet. Encryption in your case has nothing to do with recovery of data at all. Recovery of this drive would require a clean room for the drive to be opened.