MyNet900 Uptime

Just wanted to share my nice uptime on my device, All the other wireless devices I have had in the past seemed to require a reboot in 1 or 2 weeks.
This MyNet Device has been rock solid for me.
So far 65 days.

Hi there,

Glad to see that the unit is working nicely, lets hope it keeps giving you that performance.

Great news. Although the more different devices you have connected to your router, (I have over 30) the more things can happen. Now that you know your can go the distance, reboot router and modem at least monthly. It doesn’t hurt, and often can help eradicate any gremlins inside.

Another update. I have now reached the 3 month mark on uptime with my MyNet900.
These devices rock. How long can it go?
This device has all 8 wired ports in use and also at least 5 devices connected via WiFi.

Latest update. Over 4 months of uptime now.
These devices are amazing. Do they ever need to be rebooted?

Here is a post about what one person did with an N900, and I took the idea a little farther.

106 days ago I had a power outage at the house otherwise this device would have over 230 days of uptime I believe.
These MyNet are truly amazing pieces of equipment, thank you WD please make more again.

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Another update
160 days uptime now.
They keep going and going…

Last update on my uptime until it reaches a year. Almost 204 days now.
You get it, these devices are amazing.

What firmware version is installed?

@mike27oct Firmware Version 1.07.16

Got it; most current one.