Mynet n900

I don’t have a CD drive in my laptop and can’t seem to find the install setup software to download on line

Hey karebear,

As far as I know, as long as the router is powered up you just have to open a browser and type the address and you should be good to go. You can do this wired or wireless.


Hi Karebear12,

As mentioned in the previous answer, the CD is only needed to get some additional features that are all not related to the routers functionnality itselves. 

On a Mac, you can access a hard-drive connected to the router by clicking a Menu Bar icon instead of opening the server connection window and enter the IPP address of the router manually (which might be a problem when you don’t remember what address you assigned to it !). 

But for all the rest, as bennett said, the default address of the router is and if you enter that into your web browser address bar, then you should be able to access it.