MyNet N900 Wired Connection Blocking random websites, cannot download files


I have just started using the ethernet connection on my MyNet N900 router and I am experiencing a very strange issue. I have absolutely no problems when connecting to the internet and downloading files over the wireless connection, but when I connect my computer with an ethernet cable some websites will not load (utorrent, tomshardware, adobe), but others are snappy like yahoo and facebook, and downloads will not start, or they will start but then stop before finishing. I have also run speed tests and I am getting 90Mbps down 12Mbps up and a ping of 10ms.

I believe that the router is causing my problems, because if I hook the ethernet cable directly into the modem I have no issues with connecting to the internet.

Does anyone have any idea of what could be going wrong with my router? What settings I should fiddle with?



Hi there,

Just to test, try to disable the Fast track plus feature from the unit and check if you are able to access those websites when connected to the router.

I reset my router to factory default settings and my firmware is the most recent version. Switching Fast Track on and off had no effect on accessing websites through the ethernet connection.

Oen thing that I found very interesting is that I can’t even access the router itself through the ethernet connection. Typing http://wdrouter never loads on my desktop. I had to change all of the settings on the router with my laptop through the wireless connection. I am going to plug my laptop into the ethernet connection tonight to see if it’s just my desktop that has this problem, or if the ethernet connection itself is acting up.


By any chance do you have parental control enabled on the router? This is something else you can try. 

Parental Controls were already off.

I messed around with every single setting that I could think of on the router, but still could not fix the problem. I plugged in a different computer to the ethernet cable and the problem persisted.

I managed to fix my internet by plugging in a different router, and now everything is working perfectly. However, this still leaves a sour taste in my mouth because I could not find a way to fix the N900.

Hi there, I would recommend you to contact support to see fi they have any information on how to resolve this.