MyNet N900 - Unable to connect to Internet

Hi all, I’m a newbie to networking products, so bear with me.

I recently purchased the MyNet N900 router to replace my Telstra-supplied router (in Australia). The Telstra hardware automatically connects to the internet without any setup software or password, so as a long time WD fan I was hoping for a similar experience.

The CD setup wizard was easy enough to follow, but no matter what I did the MyNet N900 router was unable to connect to the internet. Everything is plugged in correctly – landline to splitter, splitter to router, then wireless to my laptop – and I have entered my ISP username & password in the Advanced setup section, but still no luck. The router connects to my home network for file sharing, but not to the internet, AND it knocks out my home phone line.

As I mentioned, the ADSL line comes in via my phone line, then goes to a splitter, and all of this works with the supplied Telstra router, but as soon as I plug in the MyNet N900 it all breaks down.

Telstra (ISP) have investigated and can find nothing wrong with the line, so it must be the rather expensive WD MyNet N900. Short of returning the device for a refund, is anyone able to suggest a solution. I’m savvy enough to follow the simple setup wizard, but when it starts to talk about PPPoE I get a bit lost.

I’m also not 100% on what the modem is; I thought it was in the line, but do I need something else attached to the MyNet N900 before internet access is granted? I see some devices onl;ine advertised as a “modem/router”, but the MyNet N900 is listed as a router only. Am I missing something?

Looking for a very simple step by step instruction, other than the one already on the WD help site. Please remember I’m a newbie!

Hi SPatch,

Your last line explains it all ! 

YES, you need a modem. 

What you can do (this is what I did) is keep your Telstra modem and, if possible, configure that in “Bridge mode only”. 

Or even better, if you whish to stream some files to a multimedia device, to configure the router of your Telstra device on an IP address range (like and up…) and on that part of your network, just keep what has to connect to internet, including your WD N900 router. 

Then, use your WD N900 for another set of IP address range (like and up) and to your router, just connect what has to retrieve files on a home network (like a NAS w/o DL abilities) or a TV or a Blu-Ray player or a WD Live. 

Hope this helped. 



This will simply supply the internet connection needed to the WD N900. 

Of course, a more elegant solution would be to get a modem/router. But, as far a I know, WD does not supply any of those. You’ll have to check with other brands (i.e. : Netgear and Linksys). 

Great, thanks NetPenguin! I’ll give that a try.

You’d think someone at WD would think to mention this somewhere on the packaging to offer assistance to newbs like me…

Hi SPatch,

Well, please no offense… but those are 2 different products. 

A router, is a router. So it is obvious that it will not “demodulate” the “modulated” (thus the name “Modem”) signal it recieves (in your case, from the phone line). 

A modem is a modem and it’s only purpose is to convert the signal received from the line to something a computer can understand. 

Of course, you can try to get the best of both worlds into a single device : and that will be a Modem/Router. 

Don’t know where you bought your N900, but if you bought this on a brick and mortar store, the seller should have told you. If he did not, then he is to blame, not WD. And believe me, look at my other posts, if I don’t like a feature on the WD devices, I say it, so I’m not working for WD :slight_smile:

Again : no offense. You’re a newbie and if you’re not even slightly into it, then this is a beginners fault that might well happen. 



No offence taken. I’m usually pretty cluey about tech stuff, but I admit that I’ve just followed my ISP’s lead with my internet connection. The box I received from Telstra is obviously a modem/router, although I don’t recall anyone ever telling me that. As long as I get decent wifi in my home I don’t really question.

I did buy the MyNet N900 after a little online research at a JB Hi-Fi store here in Sydney without any store assistance – the marketing won me over with it’s focus on video streaming. I already own a number of WD hard drives & media players, so this should fit into my “WD ecosystem”.

Thanks to your advice I should be up & running by the weekend!