Mynet N900 that much better? How does it help with gaming?

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I am looking for a new router and the N900 claims it is great for video and gaming.

How does this differ than my current router which is still wireless N?

If my ISP provides me with 10 Mbps does it really matter what router I go with?

How exactly does it speed up gaming/netflix/etc?

The fastrack feature will recognize the type of package that is going through the Mynet and will give it preference over other type of files that are not affected by lag. Online gaming will receive priority over internet browsing, so for example if someone is seeing a youtube video and you are playing call of duty online on your xbox, you wont feel any lag. A lot of routers offer this  type of QoS options, but it’s not common for them to do the work automatically. Check the link below for more info.

how is fast track plus any different than QoS on a linksys?

is fast track just another term for QoS and the plus auto QoS?

Is it a feature worth having?