MyNet N900 not..... do i need to bother with the rest

Ok WD, this is ridiculous. You obviously have an issue with the N900 devices. Sack up and admit it. Stop asking what firmware… its all of them. Im on my second N900, returned the first to Frys. Ran on 105, 106, and 107 firmware, ALL HAD THE DROP OUT ISSUE. Not only that but the fan NEVER came on. Replacement came home this last Saturday, on 103, left it. Fan came on, even bought a cheapo usb laptop pad to set it on. If thats what it takes, its only $7. Well im out of town for work and of corse its stops while my wife is at home trying to put her paper to press, shes editior of a paper here in ATX… kinnnda need the internets. So, do you have a fix? New ones fan works fine, was downloading heavy loads fine until tonight. She had to do 3 reboots in 90min, sparadically spaced. Ive tried all types of settings but at this point its no longer acceptable. I / WE are NOT your R&D dept. Please reply with a reasonable response. Im a pretty patient and accpeting person, as demonstrated by the cooling pad if it was just an overheat issue. I dont want a **bleep** router. FIX THE PROBLEM BY ADMITTING THERE IS ONE FIRST. 


Customer with many many WD hard drives and possibly one less network devise

Hello dieselkiller,

Please see your Pm’s

i have same issues tried every firmware and so called fixes nothing helps. this router has done nothing to enhance western digital`s reputation as a quality company.:cry: