MyNet N900 Missing from my network

Hi All,

I have a MyNet N900 router with the 2tb internal storage.

It is connected to my telstra modem via ethernet, and also to my pc via ethernet.

The media which is stored in it usually streams to my telstra tbox and other devices via wifi.

About a week ago it stopped appearing on my network, and I have been unable to connect to it since. The internet is still working fine on my PC, so it is still connected to my telstra modem ok, but not streaming anything and I can’t access the internal stoage.

I have tried to connect to the modem setup page via however the page can not be displayed.

I have tried to run the setup CD again and it shows me as being connected to the modem and internet ok, however when i enter the username and password to connect to login to the modem, nothing happens.

I have attached a screenshot of this, and I can’t get passed this point.

I have tried resetting the modem with the reset button underneath, but makes no difference.

Any idea what I can try to get access to the storage and retrieve everything, and any idea why this has happened, its only 12 months old ??? mynetN900 setup error.jpg

Log into the router with