MyNet N900 MAC filter list (is to short)

Hi guy’s,

A week ago I both my first MyNetN900 and I ‘am pretty enthusiastic about it. I connect it to my three WD live book’s (2TB and 2x 3TB) and it works very well!

In the N900 I use the MAC whitelist for all the devices that can make a connection to my LAN. Because my neighbors  also stream movies from my live book’s and I only gives access to there WD mediaplayers :wink:

But, now my challenge:

The list for MAC addresses counts 24 en I’am already on position 20 :frowning:

I know, I also have a lot of personal devices :wink:

I really want to continue the MAC filter list, so is there a way to expend the list to (let say) a couple of 50?

Thanks for your response!

This sounds like a feature request.

You can go to the ideas board to make this type of suggestions.

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That sound right! I’ll make a request.

Thanks John.