Mynet N900 DNS server issues....HELP!

I purchased an N900 router so i could network my 2 WD Mybook 3TB hard drives so i wouldn’t have to keep connecting them to my laptop. I hooked up the Mynet n900 and it’s networked my 2 hard drives and it’s awesome. However, i have had nothing but problems with my internet connection since i hooked it up. I lose connection to the internet 2/3 times every hour and when i refresh the page the error message i get says “cannot connect to DNS server”. Is this a problem i have to take care of in settings, i am running the latest firmware, i believe it’s 1.06.28. My internet connection is over 50 Mbps so it’s really fast, and when i hook up my crappy little linksys router everything works fine. is there anything i can do to fix this??? 

I have contacted WD and got a case number, it’s been over 10 days and no one has responded, this was an expensive router and it’s driving me crazy, someone please HELP!!!

I had the same issue and the issue was because of VOIP.

Do you have a VOIP device in the network.  If so, connect it like modem -> voip -> Router.

You can also refer to my post:

I have very similar issues. My NAS consumes the entire bandwith and will push the VOIP off the network. Or if I use QoS to throttle the NAS the VOIP will push the NAS off the network. I think it’s a bad implmentation of the QoS service, haven’t tried switching the Fasttrack Plus off because I need a QoS service. Think I’ll tomato my old WRT54GS instead and get my $150 back.

Try turning the QoS off. There were problems with it in the past, and I am not sure that it actually does any QoS if the WAN is over around 3mbps.