MyNet N900 and multicast traffic


I have a WD MyNet N900 that I am trying to setup a wired Skitter connection on it.  The Skitter application runs on a WD Live Hub and it runs fine behind a less-than-adequate Zyxel NBG4604 Wireless N router.  The end result that I am trying to obtain is have the WD Live Hub run the Skitter multicast traffic over the wired connection and allow the Internet over the wireless connection.  In my current scenario, the FTTH connection brings both the services into the house on a CAT6 cable.  The CAT6 cable plugs into my current (and hopefully to be replaced very soon) Zyxel router.  The WD Live Hub uses a CAT5 cable to connect back to the Zyxel and it runs the multicast Skitter connection fine.  My problem is the range of the wireless Internet for the Zyxel.  For being a N-range router, the coverage is very poor.  I can go one, maybe two rooms away, but then I drop the wireless connection.  When I connected the WD N900, the Internet wireless range jumped incredibly and I was able to surf throughout the house.  But, I cannot get the wired WD Live Hub to run the Skitter mutlicast traffic.  Yes, I could run both routers but I would prefer to avoid that situation if possible.  I would much rather have someone tell me if it is possible to run the multicast video over the WD N900 and go 100% that direction.

Thank you.

To have internet access the N900 needs to be connected to the Zyxel.  You can set it up as an access point and it will expand your signal coverage, using the same settings from your Zyxel router.

Actually I found the problem.  Once I turned off the QoS then the multicast video started flowing through the WD N900.  I was able to eliminate the Zyxel router completely and now I get much greater wireless Internet coverage and video through the wired connection.  Thanks for the help.