MYNET N750 - WIFI Doesn't Work With iPhone

We have 4 iPhones in the house, all either iPhone 4 or iPhone 5.  When any of them are connected to the WIFI, they cannot access the internet.  We can access the GUI of the MYNET750 and all other devices on the network, along with using the WD Remote live for WDTV units, but cannot get out on the internet.    When any of them are connected to the Guest WIFI, we can get out on the internet, but cannot access any devices on the network.   Really just want to know why internet is blocked on main WIFI and how to fix.

fwiw, my iphone 5 and ipad 3 connect fine to my N750 and can surf the internet.

Do you have latest firmware v1.04.16  (Dec 2012) installed on the N750 ?

Other suggestions you may wish to try:

On the N750, navigate to Advanced Settings, LAN, ‘Host and LAN settings’.  Change ‘Enable DNS Proxy’ to OFF.

Then make your iphone forget the main wifi network.  Reconnect and see if it will now surf the internet.

If Parental Controls is enabled, I suggest disabling it and then restarting the N750.

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I did have the latest firmware, but the DNS Proxy was turned on.  I turned it off and I can surf on the iPhone and access the network.  Thanks!