MyNet N750 - Decommissioned - Too many issues

Problems I have experienced and it is just too much to put up with.I can not believe that WD would release such a product and the firmware has not been touched since December 2012. It’s starting to look like WD are dropping support for these - based on the fact that so many people are reporting similar problems and workarounds having to disable parts of the wireless configuration to provide some form of uptime. That twinned with some online retailers shifting these in bulk at knock down prices - I guess they are sick of taking returns. Such a shame as specification wise they look good and the interface looks slick. Very disappointed that the bit that counts is just flaky - IMO. This whole failed foray into networking equipment does not reflect well on the WD brand. Firmware is key and you have to get it right - set it up, it works then forget it - thats what we want and that whats I expected from WD.

  • DHCP stopped giving out IP Addresses to all clients after 2 weeks - reboot required
  • Reboot after a week uptime for no apparent reason
  • Power Off/On or weekly router reboot problem causes Admin password to reset back to default
  • Power Off/On or weekly router reboot problem  causes time to revert back to non summer time affecting time restrictions - manual click of NTP update button fixes it until next time but why the router does not do that itself.
  • Time restrictions - Block All - does not block any https:// sites

I am not even using any of the advanced features - gigabit switch / USB HDD storage / USB Printer or Scanner / Media serving.

Agree 100% with everything above.

Maybe WD should just go 100% opensource and let the community fix the bugs.  Imagine dd-wrt or tomato on the mynet routers, I bet it would kick **bleep**.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had pretty good luck with this model. Definitely helps to perform a reset and reinstall the current firmware while cable connected to the router. WiFi installs of firmware are liable to corrupt making the router a pain vs a pal. Also, could try checking settings on your cable/DSL modem if you have one. Sometimes their settings conflict with router settings making for yet another unhappy time.