MyNet N600 loses wireless connection and usb storage, very unstable

I bought 6 Mynet N600 routers for its nice internet filtering system. However, this router (not one but all of them) is very unstable. I have tried three versions of firmware (the one that comes with it, v1.03.12, and the most recent v1.04.16.) Here are some of the the challeges (I am trying to avoid the term problem) I want to report:

  1. After a while (usually within a day or two and quite often in the morning, could be other time, too), the wireless SSID stops working. The status LED on the router still indicates that everything is working. I usually have to reset the router by turning the power off and on again.
  2. After a while (usually within a day or two and quite often in the morning, could be other time, too), the connected external usb storage (Seagate GoFlex Desk 2TB) stops working. But the light on the HD is still on. Powering off and on the router would not work. The only way to bring it back is to unplug the drive from the base (not the usb cable) and plug it back (equivelent to a serial port plug and play).
  3. After a power outage, the router would refuse to work. It usually takes several power off and on cycles to get it back to work or connect it wired and reset the router from the admin interface.
  4. I was hoping the new version of firmware v1.04.16 would make it more stable and it is not the case. I actually noticed that the previous version seems to be more stable.
  5. I even did 30-30-30 reset after firmware update and there is no difference.

Other than the challenges I mentioned above, I have some suggestions:

  1. It would be nice to be able to specify key words in the internet parental control system. The 7 level of filtering is not enough.
  2. It would be nice to expose all the details of the filtering categories so that a custom level can be made by the client.
  3. Another nice feature would be to allow the client to unregister a router from the we internet security system.
  4. If a programmed rebooting works, you could actually program the router to reboot itself at a specific time (can be set by the client). This is a feature seen in some Belkin routers. This has to be written in the firmware.

Overall, this is a nice router with features that are unique. I hope you would find the above as opportunities to make your products better and exceptional in the industry.

Looking forward to response.


Nice suggestions, you should post them in the ideas section. I have the N900 Central and usually the only problem that I have is that I  loose connection to the mapped drive and I need to reset it to fix it. But since you seem to have several problems, is better if you contact tech support.

Where is the idea section? I could not find it. Thanks.

I did not read. Sorry.

I have been having some challenges with my N900 that are very similar.  I have a work around and at the same time have logged issues with WD to look into this.  What I have found out is this:

  1. If you have any high speed internet and have the Advanced QoS enabled, you most likely will experience network destabilization. It is recommended that you disable the Advanced QoS.

  2. When having to restart the router, disconnect the usb cable to any hard drive.  After the unit is fully restarted, recnnect the usb cable and then the hard drive should reappear, as I have experienced.

In either issue, please report these symptoms to WD as it seems consistent between various router models and hard drive mfgs/model types.