MyNet N 900 needs constant renewall

After about 30-45 minutes I have to reset the router or renew the Ip as I cannot get any new connects to the internet. Existing connects are ok. This is across several computers all running Win 7 

I have the latest firmware

This has only been for the last 24 hours

Anyone have an idea whats up?

Hello, have you tried doing a factory restore? If the problem continues try to disable Fastrack. Check page 48 of the manual for more information.

WD company are going to be release a new firmware to my net n900 central?

I’ve been reading a lot of complains about it and I am facing some issues too.


I’m experiencing a similar problem with my net n900 central router as well. You may try to disable DNS proxy. For me was DNS causing internet to hang up. I verified the connection by attaching  the modem directly to my laptop and it was fine. Definitely it was the router. After rebooting it last for a couple of hours. I have to restart the router almost every day to get internet going again.

Do you know when they are going to release a new firmware? I have a feeling that they completely forgot about this router.