MyNet 900 Wireless issues?

I wanted to get rid of my switch + ageing WRT54GL, and go with a single device that has a decent number of Ethernet ports and also serves as an AP. So I bought the MyNet 900 based on some rave reviews (too bad I didn’t find this forum before my purchase)

So I setup the MN900 as an AP, and things were fairly stable for a while. Every now and then, however, my netflix/youtube streams will just choke and I’ll wait for it to buffer. Tons of bandwidth, not a whole lot of background download activity, and yet this happens every now and then (but not always). Can’t discern any interference from other wireless APs in the neighborhood, and windows/iOS reception bars are always pretty good.

The problem doesn’t seem to affect any of the Ethernet ports since all connected Desktops seem just fine. Tried rebooting it, but doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Any advice? 

And yes, I have the latest firmware…

Touch the router. Is it hot? Is the fan spinning?

No; I don’t think I’ve ever heard a peep from the device so I suspect the fan is either uber silent or doesn’t spin (it’s definitely not audible over two PCs I have in the same room)

I’ve never thought about the unit overheating but I’ll be sure to check it out when I get back home later this evening.

In my experience with 1.05.12, the fan is not spinning regardless of how hot the router gets. That makes the poor thing to reboot over and over or to simply hang.

WD needs to issue a firmware update sooner rather than later.

Btw, just as a follow up: the router isn’t hot at all (its warm in some bottom spots)

Like I posted in the other thread, I’m now downgrading to 1.04 and see how that behaves

Yep; 1.04 is much more stable in AP mode (i.e. what used to be called extender mode)

Tried setting up a static route between teh N900 and your other router?