MyNet 900 Relic gaming authentication server incompatability, DHCP reservation, and WAN port issue

I was generally happy with my new MyNet 900, but I’m having trouble using Relic’s online authentication service with Company of Heroes, and my DirecTV receiver is having trouble communicating with the DTV servers as well.

EDIT:  DTV receiver appears to be having hardware issues.  However, I am still unable to remain connected to Relic’s online authentication service for Company of Heroes for more than a minute or two, and am often unable to even achieve a connection.  This results in me being unable to play the game (at all); if I am lucky, and can get connected, I can log in and start a game, but I will often lose the connection shortly afterwards.

I suspect it is an UPnP issue, as the service is supposed to use UPnP to coordinate port use with routers.  Unfortunately port forwarding also seems to be having problems, and does not improve connectivity at all.  So it is either that, or there is a fundamental incompatability with the MyNet 900 and Relic’s online authentication servers. 

No issues with ‘old’ router.  I plug in the old router, and I’m able to connect to Relic just fine.

In setting up port forwarding rules, I also noticed that there is no DHCP address reserveration system in place.

Perhaps WD could look into the Relic server issue, UPnP and port forwarding on this device, as well as consider adding a DHCP reservation method to their firmware?

I do find that streaming of movies through Amazon is smoother, and I attribute this to FasTrack, but for now I’m reverting to my ‘old’ router as it still does what I need it to do without headaches.

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Another oddity:  I noticed that the WAN port kept alternating being detected as either 1000 or 100 Mbits in speed, so something isn’t going right there.  Never had that problem with the ‘old’ router.

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Where you able to resolve this?

Yes, I installed an older competitor’s router and now everything is fixed.

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