MyNet 900 Port Forwarding

Hey guys,

I think this router has potential, but crappy firmware.  Has anyone been able to forward ports on a manually reserved ip address?  I don’t really understand why some devices just don’t show up in the dhcp roster, but this is more than just an oddity when it affects my ability to forward ports.  I have my NAS manually forwarded, in order to maintain a particular IP.  It doesn’t show up in the list for forwarding ports.  While I can manually enter the ip address and the ports, it doesn’t actually seem to work, since I can’t access the NAS from outside my lan.  Anyone have a fix for this?

I have found that the firewall on my N900 (7gb port version) is utter junk for doing port forwarding if you are doing anything non-standard.  For example, I cannot route WAN port 11723 to internal 1723 but if I use WAN 11723/LAN 11723 or WAN 1723/LAN 1723 it works just fine.  What I ended up doing was leaving my cheapo dlink 615 inline to do the port forwarding then the N900 for everything else thanks to it’s better wifi and gb ports.

I should really see about downloading the WD open source files and playing with them since I know a fair bit of programming, Linux/Unix, and routing…now to invent more time in the day…