MyNet 900 Firmware

I am, and I am sure many other MyNet 900 router users are, getting frustrated with a router that needs to be power cycled at least once a week due to dropped connections, router disappearing all together or not being able to communicate with the router.

Is there anybody out there who is not having these problems? If so, what firmware are you using? Are you using both the 2.4 and 5 ghz connections? Are there any other settings that you turned on or off in order to get stability?

I really do want to like this router as when it works it works very well but…

Nobody has a stable connection??

Hi wbennett77,

Well, I guess people hanging around on this forums never had a chance to check if their connection lasts a week. 

They probably all have returned the product not 7 days, but 7 hours after they bought it and tried to get it up to work as WD promises… and given it up after considering that if it works, it is ABSOLUTELY not working as advertised and promised by WD !

As far as I am concerned, I have had a stable connection, but only used it wired. The wireless does not interest me… What I was interested in was the ability to share file over USB. But that does not work for sure. 



I too have problems with this router, but it got better after I updated to firmware to version 1.06.18, which for some reason is no longer available for download. It’s stable most of the time, but I still encounters a lot of problems, some of which are mentioned in all the other threads. I still look forward to a stable firmware.

The worst problem for me, is that the administration access via the browser, doesn’t respond at all, but I still have Internet though.


Well, for me too, the FW 1.06.18 seems to be the best one. I did not experience any trouble on the internet part. 



For you guys using 1.06.18, how long have you been up?

I have a MyNet Central n900 w/ 2TB HD and I had all kinds of issues with dropped internet connections every single night the next morning I’d have to restart the router. Ever since FW 1.06.18 I have had 0 dropped connections or issues with the router. I use the router in router mode(not sure why so many ppl just want to use it in ap mode), and as a media server to stream movies/shows to my WD live devices. This is with qos and wmm turned on. I had a Linksys e4200 befoe this router and since the fw upgrade I have to say this router is better in many ways. :slight_smile: Still not sure why they pulled the fw but I’ve had 0 issues!

I appreciate the responses. I will give 1.06.18 a try and see what happens. Hopefully I will have the same positive results.

Let’s keep this “poll” updated and report any problems.


After all the firmware downgrades I now also try 1.06.18. I wonder how long this version stays up and running.

I quit. Router will go back to reseller.


As far as I am concerned, so far up and running since 12 hours. 

I’ll try to think to report regularly on this. 



It starts to get interesting when the uptime will be more than 3 days.

Hi FoxyFoxy,


Anyways : 1 day up and running :slight_smile:

See you tomorrow to report about how this kid behaves !



My N900 will go back to the reseller on Tuesday. New Router Asus is now 1 day 11 hours up and running. We’ll see who beats who!

Hi Foxy,

Cool, I like that kind of challenges. 

Hope your config is as messy as mine :slight_smile:

But so far, so good :slight_smile:



About a month ago I downgraded my firmware to 1.04.11 and put 1-inch legs on the underside and mounted a 50mm computer fan so it blows directly into the vent and to my amazement the connection has been rock solid since.It’s connected to 4 computers via gigabit, two HDTVs, a smart blu-ray, and a few cell phones and laptops, so it defintely gets put through the paces. The only other thing I did at the time when this good luck streak started was to replace out ALL of my old/cheap CAT5e cables and bought much better quality CAT6. The link between my cable modem and router was dubious at best and on many occasions it would lose signal or refuse to New cables fixed gthat for me.