MyNet 900 Central Bad after Firmware Update

When updating my MyNet 900 Central to the latest 1.07 firmware , quick view on the mac reports the hard drive as bad. If i rollback its fine. This is the second one i have had down to RMA that this has done it on. Is a known issue thanks for the help


Even though the quick view says that the drive is bad, did you tried to use it? The reason why I ask, is because is hard to believe that a firmware update will affect the internal drive of the N900 Central.

Another thing that you can try, after the firmware update, make sure to factory restore the router to make sure that the application reads the unit properly.

There is a button in the storage area of, rescanning the hdd, try that.  If not move all files off, the reformat.  maybe during firmware upgrade it uses a different format???  I know the wd installs special folders and filez for the dnla stuff.  Maybe disable all dlna, ftp, smb checks, reboot, then re enable all so it copies new files to it.


Here are the links to all firmware versions directly from WD site:

However, version 1.07.16 works best for me, after I’ve discovered that is mandatory to 1) reset router to factory settings (Advanced Settings -> Admin -> System) and 2) Restore the Internal HDD (Advanced Settings -> Storage -> Format -> Restore).

It seems that restoring the internal HDD doesn’t erase your files, although it says it does (do at your risk).

I found same thing - On Mac WD Quickview SMART Status was bad after updating to 1.07 firmware (as well as volume status and free space).  I also could not connect via WD2GO app. Format and restore of drive didn’t help. 

Same with replacement.  Now have replacement for that, and checking to see if this is an issue with the firmware update.