MyN900 keeps dropping internet connection

Well, installed the MyN900 2 days ago, and the first day everything was fine.  For the last 12 hours it has constently been dropping internet connection, loses the attached network drives where I have to remap them, and all and all the streaming of movies is chopppie and freezes more than it plays.  All I did, is install it with the disk that came with it, secured it with a password, and left everything alone.  What do I need to tweek or reset to get past this issue of dropped connection on internet and nas devices?

Have you installed latest firmware? If not try updating to the latest firmware.

Apart from that, I would power down everything and restart and try again.

Yes, installed it the first day I got it.  All NAS devices are running latest furnware also.  I will try your suggestions.

Sometimes it matters “in what order” you start up your network after installing a new router.  You may need to shut down your modem connection to the internet and the router; then restart the modem first, followed by the router about 30 seconds later.

This has stabilized my connection in the past.

I have the same issues.  Very poorly done product. I have had this router for about 2 weeks. Everyday It disconnects randomly for a few minutes.  This is a high end router these problems shouldn’t happen. I called tech support they are no help at all. They ask if you have the latest firmware which I installed when I hooked the product up. After that they suggest you return the product at the place you purchased it. I will do that however with paying for a high end router You Would Expect a little bit better customer service. At least pretend to care.  I went to this from an Apple Airport extreme router which had less features but never had to be reset in the 2 years I had it.  Only tried this router cause western digital is usually quality products however in this case it will tarnish there name. 50 dollar walmart specials you accept a few disconnects. When you pay upwards of 200 dollars you Expect high quality. And this wasn’t an issue with the modem cause when you hook the modem.

So with the airport exstream, did your MBL duo stay on line, was it easy to activate port forwarding, and is the range with the airport exstream as advertised?  The reviews I read about it say the range on a airport extreme is twice as long then an average one.  I have to agree with you though.  This router has disappointed mea a great deal.  Shouldn’t have these issues with the price tag it comes with.  returning mine also!  Didn’t have these disconnect issues with my linksys EA4500

have any of u tried to switch the n900 to ap mode first? i believe u have a modem router and thats why your connection keeps dropping when u hook up the n900 to it

go to the settings then admin then device mode and change it there

i have a n900 at home and it works perfectly fine, i love it and i havent had a single issue with it so far…

No dice, that was the first thing I tried.  Mine is all boxed up and UPS will pick it up tomorrow.  Maybe after a couple more firnware updates I will try again.

Just reread your post.  What do you mean by a modem router?  If you mean we are hooking up a modem that is already a router to the MyN900 that’s not the case with me.  Mine is just a modem, if I didn’t have a iPhone, iPad, and the WDTV SMP in 2 rooms.  I wouldn’t need a wireless router like the MyN900

i saw u have other threads asking for a recommended setup etc

i suggest you, just go to advance settings > admin > device mode > change it to extender mode and see if it works

and i dont remember from the top of my head, but i believe u can assign a manual ip to the router, u can also try that too…since with some modems the router has some ip conflicts

you could also be experiencing isp issues, since u said it worked fine during the first day…try also contacting ur isp AND using just ur modem for a day if the issue persists, then use the router again, just to be 100% sure is the router

i know it can be frustrating, but dont give up on something just cuz it didnt work the first time…just keep messing up with it for a bit longer, try contacting customer support via phone or email, try level 2 support,and if u cannot get it to work, then replace it!

im telling u, mine works perfectly fine and i got it since it came out. i have a mynet 900 too.

i can help u out more on how to set it up but right now i need to sleep, my brain is not functining properly ): ill check on this again as soon as i wake up :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, and if I change it to that, should it be stadic or DHCP?

doesnt matter, the router will basically work as a switch, so the device assigning the ip address will be ur modem

Intristing?  Cause when I switched it to extender, and chose DHCP, I couldn’t get to my MBL duo settings or mybook world adition2.  I had to reset router to factory settings just to get to them to see files and settings.

That actually makes sense.  If and when you switch to extender mode, the DHCP and management of the network is passed on to the modem.  

How old is your modem?  Is the modem LAN side being set to 192.168.1.x (basically the WAN upstream to the router).

oh man you have sum weird configuration xddd

were u able to access ur drives b4 u had the router, just having them connected to ur modem?

My modem isn’t even 6 months old yet.  And if that makes since, I didn’t see a management page for my modem so I would be able to manage my NAS.  As for connecting my drives before, I was using a linksys EA4500 before this one.

What do you mean I have a weird connection XDD?  And to follow up on my last reply, I didn’t see a management page for the router when I looked

ok probably ur devices were configured to operate with the router (maybe they had a static ip?) if they r on dhcp, when u switch to ap mode, the modem should assign ip to ur devices and u shouldnt have any issues with it, thats why im saying u had a weird config. is ur topology modem > router > computer and devices?

try modem > ur old router> mynet on ap mode> ur devices, ur old router should assign the ip address and manage everything, and the mynet shoudl be working as a switch (u can still connect to the mynet and have the benefits of it, the strong signal, etc, etc). see if the issue persist

jus ttrying to figure out whats wrong on ur net and how to solve it,  if its just a configuration issue (most likely), instead of a device issue (faulty router) since my 900 works perfectly…

So all my devices should be on dhcp, and then switch to extender mode on the MyN900 and choose dhcp?  Just asking, cause that’s a lot of cords to keep switching.

I also have issues. My modem connection drops once or twice everyday. recently started having this issues after purchasing the N900. Returning the router before i get out of 30 day return window. will buy later when i see this issue is fixed. until then, i will keep on looking for a 8 port gigabit router.