MyGen 2 failed and dead?

My Gen2 has failed showing a constant flashing red light.
I’ve tried following a few threads on here and removed the 4TB drive and connected with a USB SATA connector.
I’ve tried Paragon’s Linux file reader but that doesn’t see the drive. I’ve also tried Ubuntu and that doesn’t see the drive nor does Disc Internals Linux reader.
The only place that recognises it is Windows Computer Management which shows ‘Unknown’ and ‘Not inialised’ but the properties says the device is working.

I’ve seen the fox-exe thread but before trying to understand any of that, it appears to suggest doing it via Ubuntu which doesn’t even see the drive so I assume won’t work for me.

It was my backup drive essentially and storage for all my music played via Sonos. As it was my ‘server’ there were some old backed up files which I probably don’t have anywhere else now but as I don’t know what I’ve lost, I’m not overly bothered. My important stuff like photos, work files and music are all double backed up anyway (albeit I’ll have to spend hours again on cleaning up the Mp3Tags on my music as I’d only done that on the server) so it’s not the end of the world if I try formatting the drive to use as a Windows disc but it would be nicer if I could at least see what I might be losing.

Is this likely to give me months of pain? It’s the second WD backup drive that’s failed on me so I’m thinking I might be better off spending more for another system.

When using Linux one may have to mount the hard drive before the OS will see it.

If using Linux in a VM (virtual machine) one may have to properly configure the VM settings to pass through the hard drive (or it’s adapter).

One may need to use a SMART reader program (like Crystal Disk Info or similar) to read the SMART info of the My Cloud hard drive attached to the computer to see if possibly the drive has died entirely.

Thanks for the reply - hadn’t seen it before because it took WD 10 days to approve me joining the community and that was only after I sent a message saying “why was my original post not uploaded?” - A strange way to welcome new members?
After a week of waiting with no backup drive I purchased a QNAP NAS as I assumed my post wasn’t going to appear.
However I have just tried again with the WD disk and Ubuntu and I can’t see any way to mount the disk. I suspect it is dead as it doesn’t even get warm - it’s in a drive bay in my old PC so I can’t get near enough to hear if it’s spinning.
Would I need to install Crystal disc under ubuntu or is that a windows prog?

In in a drive bay of a desktop computer then one should make sure both the power plug and SATA connector are both connected to the my hard drive.

If using Linux one may need to mount the drive. Use your favorite internet search engine to find various directions on how to scan for attached drives then mount them using Linux.

Crystal Disk Info is a Windows program. There are apps/commands one can run on Linux to perform the same, scan the SMART info. Use your favorite search site to find various ways to display the SMART info on Linux.

IN the end though if the drive is dead one could always put a brand new hard drive inside the My Cloud enclosure after performing an unbrick process on it. Various unbrick methods can be found using this website’s search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right). Many of us have replaced the hard drive in our My Cloud’s with larger (or smaller) hard drives.

It’s a hot swap bay at the front of the PC - every other drive works ok in it so it’s not the SATA or power thats the issue. I’m running Ubuntu from a CD drive as I read that was the best way to start. If the drive is dead then so be it and I doubt I’ve lost anything important as it was the backup rather than the main drive but I can’t see that there’s any way I’ll be using WD NAS drives again as it’s the second failure in eight years and I’ve already bought a QNQP with two 4TB drives which is working fine although I’m still going through both my PC’s setting up automated backups from around 7-8 locations. I will download Crystal on the old PC to see if that can find the disk. Thanks for trying to help.

Nope, Crystal just sees Drives C & D - No sign of my WD disk