Mycloudmirror start up

I just bought a mycloudmirror device, but have problems starting it. After initially having the two bottom leds turn to blue, while the top one keeps blinking in blue, the two bottom leds go out and the top one starts blinking in orange.
What could be the cause. Please note thet I cannot guarantee the network cable is functioning properly (I am at a rented appartment).

Yellow flashing (which could well be what you’re seeing) normally indicates either the MCM is powering up or that there is a condition needing user action, such as a network cable being unplugged.

So your comment about the network cable functionality may well be critical here.

You could try directly connecting the MCM to the Ethernet port on your PC and see if that enables it to fully boot up and be visible to the PC.

Thanks Darren.

Yellow or orange is Always a matter of opinion (if I remember wel, the traffic lights they call yellow are called orange in Europe).
Anyway, I did as you told me and now all is blue. I’ll have the technical service of the compound fix it.