MyCloudMirror Device slow, affecting wifi and Mac app not connecting

I recently purchased a my cloud mirror, set it up etc and although I can access it (eventually!) it takes forever to connect rendering it useless to me. I have also found now that this device is knocking out my wifi intermittently (but regularly) which is frustrating beyond frustrating.

To top it off the Mac app sees my drive but does not connect at all so I can only gain access via a browser.

I would ideally like to be able to talk this through with a WD tech and get it sorted but it seems there is no UK helpline, which again is pretty useless and frustrating.

All in all I’m not happy at the moment can anyone help me out?

I’m using a new MacBook, have Sky Fibre connection if that helps.

There are UK support numbers:

Warranty Support

Network Drives
00 80085584253

WD Sentinel
00 80021102110

WD Red / WD Gold
00 80055593733

General Support

It sounds to me more like an issue with your router (perhaps triggered by the connection of the MCM) as the drive should have no influence at all to wifi, at least directly.

Thanks Darren you might be right, I have no idea which is why I want to talk to an expert. I now have the app working (it just decided to happen) but my wifi is totalled, even after a restart. I try Sky see i fthey can tell me.