MyCloudMirror Dashboard Firmware Update 2.11.133 issue

MyCloudMirror firmware version 2.11.133. Running Windows 10. No issues with firmware installation but what is strange is after firmware installation and logging back into the dashboard there is no “Power Down” or “Shut Down” feature from the dashboard now. The only options I’m given now are “Reboot”, “Hibernate”, or “Log Out”. Even when you go to Utilities>Device Maintenance, there are no shutdown options. I’m curious how to perform a clean shutdown in case of power outage, etc.? I have all my equipment on two APC power supplies so in the event of a power failure I can do a clean shut down of my equipment, but now I’m wondering how to shut down the MyCloudMirror cleanly short of yanking the power cable which I really don’t want to do. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any information, much appreciated.

I’m having the same issue here with WD MyCloud 2TB, Firmware 2.11.133. No shutdown, no hibernate either, all I see is the “Reboot” option. How am I supposed to turn the device off? I’m totally clueless…

Here’s what I did, in case anybody else looking for help ends up on this page: After enabling SSH access from the networking settings, I connected to the device via ssh and executed following command to shut it down.


I guess they’ve replaced the shutdown with hibernate on multi-bay NAS devices and for single bay they forgot it completely. This seems to be the only way to do a safe shutdown for now.

Check out this link for how to enable SSH:

If needed you can also shutdown the MCM via the WD QuickView taskbar app if it’s installed.

Outstanding sir! I downloaded the WD Quickview taskbar and there is indeed a shut down option. Thank you so much for the info, much appreciated.

You can perform a shut down option through settings => utilities.


Take a look at this link. Hope it helps

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I to am having a problem with My Cloud Mirror firmware v 2.11.133 for the past 10 days I can not access My Cloud Mirror I just keep getting the same message “The System is Booting up, Please Wait” I can ssh into it with no problems. I reset my user password to make sure that was not the problem. I have tried the 4 sec, 6 sec, and 40 sec reset options with no luck. The power light on the front of my unit is quick flashing blue and the 2 drive lights are solid blue. I have a screen shot I will try to upload now.DashBoard failure.pdf (175.6 KB) That shows my login problem.

Not sure where to go from here. I did see an announcement from WD where they released Firmware V 4.04.02-105 but I am not sure I can load it on My Cloud Mirror. Anyone else having this problem?