Mycloudmirror capacity "other " too high

Hello all,
I have been using a Mycloudmirror 4Tb for a long time now. It works fine so there was no need to go into the settings webpage. Lately it has become a bit slow and I noticed that on the home page,it shows the capacity and the “other” party is incredibly high: 670gb.i checked and double checked but there is no way I have such an amount of files that are not films, pictures, or documents. Is there a way to access this other part ? Or at least see what files they are? It’s eating up almost a third of the disk, which is now for 90%full , hence the slowing down. Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated


The Other category may contain system files, backups, mails, installed apps or just any file that is not considered by the NAS as one of the main categories. And this is not located on a specific folder, as those are files scattered on all you folders along with all your other information.