MyCloudHome Login changed to

The username/password used for MyCloudHome no longer works now that login is redirected to
I have a different username/password for WD/westerndigital
MyCloudHome login used to be (My Cloud Home).
Using MyCloudHome username/password on WesternDigital does not work. Using WesterDigital username/password does not get access to MyCloudHome.
What is going on? When did this change?
Can still access locally (different files and file structure) and can access via phone app with same MyCloudHome username/password.


Have you tried this for signing in?
My Cloud (

Only you would know what has changed to your geolocation, IP address and 2FA authentication. You may be suggesting in a round about way that you now have a different desktop at a different location and you can’t passed the Western Digital 2 factor authentication and therefore you can’t log in. Perhaps you are only using a VPN that is the showing a different geolocation but you still have to pass 2FA.