MyCloudHome 2-way syncing software integration/ alternative software (macOS Catalina issues)

Hello, I’m a relatively new user of WD products, and recently bought a WD My Cloud Home. My initial idea behind it was to sync my files to a personal cloud, and be able to access them on different computers. My main interest however was in 2-way syncing i.e. if I made a change to a file on my home computer, this change would be reflected in the my cloud home, which would then sync and update the same file on my laptop. I realised soon that the my cloud is basically just a backup drive, and the software can only do one-way syncing (e.g. from a computer to the cloud and not the other way around). This seems slightly misleading due to the product name and the expectation from this. Correct me if I am wrong about this!

Anyway, after some browsing I came across a free software (free file sync) that provided the capability of two way syncing to WD’s my cloud home product by installing this software on any computer which had WD discovery installed, and which meant they were connected to my cloud and were constantly updated.

I should mention I’m using macOS before continuing. Unfortunately I installed an update (macOS Catalina) the other day, and only after doing so realised that WD discovery no longer works with this version of the OS!

I firstly am very disappointed that this has happened, as now I have lost all capability to sync files between computers and hence get work done. The product is longer performing in its basic use case.

Firstly I wonder if a date can be given for when this software update will come through, and along with that I would be interested in hearing a response on the following suggestions:

  • If a general consumer can find 3rd part software easily that allows 2-way syncing using WD product (my cloud home), why can this not just be added into the software that is issued by WD? And if this is a possibility, why not just add this in to the software update that’s being worked on?
  • Does anyone know of another way to connect to the WD cloud which is not through WD discovery software? Or any software that can be installed on the hardware (WD My Cloud Home) that can allow it to become a more traditional cloud?

Look forward to hearing the responses to this

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As to your main question, yes you can use alternate software , many … Remote backing up or syncing via third party non WD software apps is a different story. …and Download the latest top store app to solve your issues…

Many thanks for your reply. You mentioned that there are many alternative softwares that can be used on WD My Cloud Home hardware, would you have any that you know of specifically/ would recommend?