MyCloudEXnn simple fix for USB drive which won't share

Two WD external drives, one Passport 4TB and one Mybook 4TB attached to MyCloudEX2 NAS.
EX2 still running 2.11.178 because my older series of EX2 badly misbehaved on being recognized by Windows 7 and also with external USB drive shares not showing up with more current firmware.

-Unplugged both USB external drives, powered down EX2 to move to a another location.
At new location plugged the external drives back in to same ports and repowered the EX2.
After EX2 boots, both external recognized as USB devices (top USB icon on EX2 dashboard) but only ONE drive is shared. Note I have moved this EX2 dozens of times from one location to another and am NOT in the habit (bad, right ;( ) of using the USB Eject button on EX2 dashboard USB pulldown before removing drive. Maybe that’s what caused my problem but here’s what I found and how I fixed my external USB drive being recognized by NOT shared by the EX2.
After comparing another WD external drive that DID share, I noticed that there is a little XML file called .smbm.xml (Samba mount parameters, written by the EX2). In this file on the NON-Sharing drive there was …nothing, it was empty. Obviously unplugging or some other action on my part with the drive or ?? trashed the file although the empty file was still there.
Looked in some of my other external drives that I had previously plugged In the to the EX2 and were successfully shared and found the .smbm.xml files there populated by among other parameters the name of the external USB and the EX2 port name, i.e. USB2_c1 or USB2_d2 used on my EX2. After comparing a couple of my other drives that had been shared on the EX2 those XML files were identical except for those two parameters which were different.
So I copied the contents of the .smbm.xml file from one of the shareable drive into the NON-shareable drive and edited it for the name currently assigned to the drive and the port which it was to be plugged into.
I ejected the other working drive from the EX2 unplugged it and plugged in the previously NON-shared drive and…(drumroll) YES it mounts and is shared out.
Search the net for solutions to recognized by NON-shared external USB drive and never seen this mentioned so maybe it will help you if you run into this scenario on an EX2.