MycloudEX2Ultra / Plex

I recently added plex to our mycloud. The one issue i cant seem to correct is streaming remotely. When i am not on the local network i able to see all the files on the mycloud through plex. Which tells me i am connected, but when i click on “play” it gives me an error stating “unable to play media”. Is there a setting somewhere that i am missing?


Please refer to the following KBA article:

I have an EX2 Ultra running plex.

  1. Unit cannot transcode effectively. Basically, you need a decent Intel processor to do that. . .which the EX2 does not have.

For an EX2 ultra, you need to have the streaming files in a format that can be streamed directly. Make sure that Plex is streaming “direct” and not attempting any transcoding (I am not an expert; but I often have to adjust something within the movie I am watching)

  1. Are you streaming within your home network. . .or are you trying to do this over the internet? If internet. . . .beware of the upload speed provided by the crappy US ISP’s. It is not uncommon in the US for 100mbs speed really be 100mbs down and 5mbs up; whicn makes most movies unplayable.