MyCloudEX2Ultra perform backup on WDMyCloud

I have a MyCloudEX2Ultra as main NAS and a WDMyCloud (former main) I would like to use as a backup for the Ultra, on the same network, connected to the same router.

I found no option to such a simple task, I can perform several backup types, but none address two devices from the same manufacturer on the same network.

Please advise.

WD has a knowledgebase article that details the Safepoint / Backup capabilities of the various My Cloud models:

The single bay My Cloud units generally cannot be a destination target for any My Cloud running the v2.x firmware due to the single bay My cloud units missing (or not having active) the server backup feature/option present in the more expensive multi bay My Cloud units.

The unofficial workaround to this is use CRON scripts to copy data from one My Cloud to another. This will however require using SSH to access the My Cloud at the firmware level to create/modify the firmware. This may potentially void the My Cloud warranty and further one could potentially brick (render unsable) their My Cloud. One should avoid doing an “apt-get” at the local SSH firmware level as it could brick the My Cloud device.

On the remote backups tab of the MyCloudEX2Ultra I have an option to WDMyCloud (not working) or for a NAS device.
Can I configure my WDMyCloud as a NAS device on this tab or I need a real NAS to make it work?

MyCloud is a NAS… How ‘proper’ a NAS it is is a matter of debate…

I’d look into Bennor’s suggestions.

See the WD Knowledgebase link I posted above. It explains why you will not see the single bay My Cloud as a backup target for the multbay My Cloud models.

The single bay My Cloud and multi bay My Cloud units are network attached storage devices in a general sense. WD has chosen to limit the features and capabilities of the single bay My Cloud models such that one needs to buy a more expensive unit to backup from a v2.x firmware My Clod to another v2.x version My Cloud. The single bay v2.x My Cloud cannot officially be used as a backup target for another v2.x My Cloud.

The other links I posted about CRON are the unofficial way to possibly get around this limitation with the single bay (and by extension multi bay) v2.x My Cloud model.

I’ve looked into those posts, but they’re for USB backups, that I had already done with a Seagate USB drive.

But my Ultra is 4GB size, 2.2GB used. My Seagate has only 2GB. I wanted to use my WDMyCloud with its 3GB of free space.

What I want to do is a network backup from NAS to NAS, from what was posted, it seems that each device model can only connect to another device from the same model. As I upgraded from one model to another I cannot have one to use the other as a spare backup.

If the EX2 does not BORK THE ■■■■ out of the “Other NAS” option, (like it does on single bay units), then you can try exploring it.

Single bay myclouds WILL respond to RSYNC over SSH on the root user account.

Basically, when you select “WDMyCloud” as the option, it wont let you pick a username or password, as it uses a hard coded one, with a baked in username and password. (Oh such great security there WD. Just wonderful /s) On Gen2 hardware, the users file is stored in a cramfs packed container and mounted on startup, so you cannot persistently change it. With the “Other NAS” option, you can specify which username to use, and a password, but the functionality is PURPOSEFULLY BROKEN by the CSS behind it on single bay units, making it inoperable.

If the feature ACTUALLY WORKS on your EX2, it is worth exploring. Tell it that the user is [root], and give it the root password. It might connect.

Tried that, even with perm keys generated and exchanged between the systems they won’t connect through this option, even though I can connect directly through ssh and rsync at OS level.
At the next boot the options that allowed direct connection were reset as usual.
What I’m gonna do is exchange the HD between the Seagate and the WDMyCloud and use the Seagate as USB backup.

You might try RSYNC from a 3rd point, with two remotes. Something that you can put a cron rule on, and have it stick.

The same commands that one uses to copy to a USB drive (rsync) should also work for copying to another NAS like the My Cloud. The sticking point often comes with Shares configured for Private access. One may have ensure one user has Full Access to all Shares on both machines.

You can thank WD for that. The first gen single bay My Cloud had an option in the Safepoint backup feature to backup to another LAN target. WD, for what ever reason, removed this particular option in the second gen single bay My Cloud.

The rsync option should work it just may take some experimenting to find the right commands/options to get the two units to communicate.