MycloudEX2Ultra firmware update

Today i got the message that i had to update to OS 5. Very nice, worked perfectly.
After the update nothing works anymore.
MyBackup is not working anymore,
No \MYCLOUDEX2ULTRA, networkdrive not found
No Cloud anymore. Had to made a new extern cloud to connect to my documents
25 years of documents, foto’s and very privat stuff is on the NAS, i can’t get to them anymore but i need some files very urgent to work with, my complete compangy is on the NAS and i can’t work or make a living now after the update from OS 3 to OS 5.

Thanks WD, as soon as i have all my files back through a extern cloud connection or by putting the HD in a other PC to get my files back this NAS will be destroit and dumped.

What a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ this NAS is.

I have reed all about the speed of the NAS on the network and yes it is very very very slow, CPU of NAS is to slow to do the job.
I have 20TB of music and it takes more than a week to copy it.
My network is 1Gbyte and it runs without problems, 7 PC’s, laptops and mobile’s connect to it and everything runs as it should accept the MY CLOUD EX2 ULTRA NAS, always has been slow when files were a little big or a lot of them.
This NAS is worthless for it’s price.

did you try the firmware update to 5.05.111?