MyCloudEX2Ultra abnormal files present in the folders of the nas

A few days ago I noticed that all public folders have a .exe/.pif/.txt/.src file with owner 501 with a size of 593920 bytes. Even deleted files after a while they reappear. The myCloud is not configured to access the Internet but only the intranet. is it a virus?


Sounds that way.

If you network is connected to the internet; a WD NAS running OS5 is on the internet (even if it does not have cloud services enabled). The only way to isolate these units is to either

  1. BLOCK internet access to the NAS FROM THE ROUTER (even without cloud services enabled; the NAS will “phone home” and will have open ports)
  2. Put the NAS on a network that has NO internet access. Yes; it makes the units harder to access - - → but much more secure.