MyCloudEx2 + Itunes -> Music on iPad, iPhone


I am trying to move some music to my Western Digital MyCloud Ex2 and stream it to my iPad, iPhone (on the same network).

Can you point my to any documentation, manuals, …

I have already created a new public folder, copied some mp3s to it, enabled iTunes.

But how can i open this music in iTunes on the iPad, iPhone, PC?

Thanks in Advance for your help!


Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Here is the link to the users manual for the unit:

You can drag and drop normally to the unit, as long as you can access the shares.

You can check this link for help mapping this unit:

Ok - so I have already read the manual - which sadly is no help at all in this case.

Mapping a network drive is one way to access file from the PC, but for that I would not need an iTunes server - it is just a network share. And no way to access it from am iPad, iPhone…

Anyone having successfully streamed music to an iPhone, iPad using the iTunes server?

I fear it is not possible - but why then implement an iTunes server?

Thanks for your help! :wink:

iTunes server is not Android or iOS Compatible. iTunes server is only for computers.

so what is a way to get the music to iPad/iPhone?

You have to use the WD iOS app