MyCloudEX2 Firmware Upgrade From v2.11.169 to current

Can I go ahead and upgrade straight to most current level (ie. 2.12.127) without intermediate levels?
Windows 10 Feature Version 21H2

Hi @Frederick_Barfoot,

Please refer to the following article to upgrade the firmware:

Hi Keerti_01
Do I therefore have your blessings to jump to Firmware v2.11.127 directly from my current level (v2.11.169) ?
In other words, are the intermediate other level’s fixes all forward-installed?
Just to check, for my MyCloud EX2, I downloaded the following code to a USB key which I’ll target during the Manual update: My_Cloud_KC2A_2.12.127.bin
Your note about dropping support for this NAS is well-received, and I’ll be using the box in LOCAL mode only.