Mycloudapp error 906 in every android 10 device!

Is anyone able to run mycloudapp 4.4.26 on a huawei smartphone and get over mobile internet, over WDcloud login into the mycloudmirror?
On my p30 lite of my daughter and on my p30pro i get networkaccess error 906
On a samsung s9 of my wife no problem…

Any idea? Huawei config or mycloudapp problem? The mobile internet provider is not tbe problem, i changed the sim over…

If someone could kindly try it out and maybe confirm that.

MANY thanks for feedback!

Update : on a older huawei p10 lite it also works without 906 error

So it works on 2 of 4 devices… Great :+1:

Hello, I have the same problem only that with an xperia and a huawei both in android version 10, however in other older devices it works correctly, there can definitely be a compatibility problem between the application and Android 10, WD will have some plan update for your application to solve this problem?

You re super right!!
Both p30pro and p30lite are running android10.
Mate10lite is running 8.0.0 and samsung s9 is running android9
Iphone 6plus is also working correctly.

So it seems that its for sure that its an android 10 problem… But android 10 is 7 month old. :flushed:

Not possible that WD did not get this done in 7 month… Man…

Thanks for your hint!
All the best

Hello, Maybe the temporary solution that I discovered will serve you, force mycloud to make a relay connection instead of a port routing connection, I know that the connection will be slower but it is the only souvenir I have found, at least while WD solves the problem with Android 10, Greetings.

This relayconnection thing i think i have never seen… Only automatic or manual portforwarding worked for me.
So is it really too much to ask to get that app fixed after 7 month?
I spend 4 days over easter to find a problem with my mycloudmirror configuration that, as it seems, did not i’m really fed up as you can think

Ideally I could send an email to WD support explaining where the problem comes from since we have identified it, in addition to communicating it to the Support Chat, if there is no pressure between several users I do not think they will solve the problem

We know that the problem is with the mycloud and Android 10 application and that it occurs from outside the home when a direct link through the router is connected, while in the relay mode if you connect from outside the home but in a slow and dependent way WD servers. All this is what I could identify from my tests with the APP and the mycloud dash.

I’m in contact with the support. They connected me yesterday after 2 (TWO) weeks. I have today past them that android 10 thing over by email.

I think they still know the problem. In 2015 they shoot out an update adressing this 906 problem… This is, i think with every update of ios or android the same problem. So they should normally know where to screw… They are slooow as hell i think.too bad…

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I guess mycloud is not a priority for them, however try to push for support chat too, now that you mention it I think you are right about error 906 every time there is a major OS update, I guess Android 10 requests some kind of security in the remote connection that the nas cannot give you directly and this must be adjusted in the APP.

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I suggest changing the title of the topic to Error 906 in every Android 10 devices.

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How big is this NAS server thing for WD? I really dont know… But if you run a NAS, it is absolutely very very necessary that this mobile internet access works. Or am i wrong…
Btw… 4.4.26 was published in january 2020… some month after birth of android10

Thanks a lot again, All the best!


Equally, let’s cross our fingers that WD fixes the application problem

I’m 52 and had much of contact with electronic devices and companies in my life, cause i’m also working since 25 years in 3d animation industry… But i’m 100 percent sure there is only ONE company that i will never ever again buy something from… WD… Support ist underearthly… Slow and very bad with preconfigured standard phrases… They did not even read what i wrote…unbelievable…And as it seems the update process of absolutely necessary apps like mycloud-app is the same…not only for me - NEVER again WD…

If it is a pity, hopefully take into account the error and solve it in the application, at the moment I am using the Sync application as an alternative and Plex is not the same as the native WD app but at least it can be a solution while the they fix.

This has been torturing me for months.
At least i finally realize its not me and its on their end.
Why it takes so long to fix is beyond me.
If you don’t have mobile access its kinda pointless

edit *** my nas is mycloud ex2 ultra not mycloud mirror

Hello, I have received the following WD support message:

"Dear Armando

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Technical Support. My name is Samual B.
It is my pleasure assisting your case and here is the case number for future references: 200422-000102
Thank you for reporting the issue our team is working for the same and soon you would get an update regarding this.
If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.
Samual B
Western Digital Technical Support"

Let’s wait a bit and cross our fingers thinking that this is true and manage to solve the problem, greetings.

Wait and see if they get it done before android11 comes along :joy:

There is an “unknown” update for the mycloud. You dont get informed in mycloud dashboard ! Dashboard says that you have the latest version!
Download that and Install that manually.

Firmware Version 2.12.127 (01/08/2019)

For me my android10 smartphones work now.
I’m very happy now… one the other side i think of the many many hours i spend finding a problem that did not exist.
If they had updated the mycloud firmware as normally.

Anyone understands that… ?


Здравствуйте. Моё устройство my cloud ex4. Я заново обновил прошивку 2.12.127, и мне ето не помогло. Также я удалили кеш и сбросил приложение на huawei nova 5t (Android 10), и мне ето не помогло. Я по прежнему не могу зайти с приложения на телефоне My cloud из мобильной сети. Ошибка 906.

Same problem here. My samsung tablet s5e updated to android 10 and the app stopped working. Anyone been able to get WD to accept the issue yet? How can i setup a relay connection?

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