MyCloud won't stay connected to network

If I turn on my devices it will work for a few minutes and I can access it via the web and on my network. After a few minutes that connection is lost. If I try to click on its network icon I get messages saying windows can’t connect to WDMYCLOUD. When the device is in this stage I am not able to reset it, even if I hold it for over a minute. The only way to reset it is to power cycle. After the power cycle when is starts working, I am able to reset it. Recently I reset it and was able to keep it connected for about an hour. I upgraded it to the most recent firmware and then the same issue began again.

  • The LED on the front is blue. There are no LEDs on the back except for the 2 by the ethernet cable and they are blinking indicating a solid connection
  • The devices are connected via ethernet to a gigabit switch which is connected to my router. This has been my setup since getting the device
  • I am not able to access the dashboard of the device
  • I am not able to access mycloud via the web or app.
  • I have not made any changes to my network. I updated my router recently from a Google OnHub to a Google nest but the issue has persisted
  • This all started around October 2021, shortly after I updated to OS 5

Any idea what’s happening and how to resolve?

Couple of troubleshooting steps.
• Temporarily directly connect the My Cloud and computer directly to the main router/gateway and not to a switch or mesh/AP node.
• Try to access the Dashboard right after turning on the My Cloud during the time you can access the Web and on your network. If you can get to the Dashboard, try to disable Cloud Access and Twonky media server (if installed).
• Test a different network Ethernet cable between the My Cloud and router/gateway/network switch.
• Check that all devices are using the same IP address range and Workgroup name. One may have to access their network router’s administration page to review what IP addresses devices are receiving or being given. In certain cases Mesh network systems, powerline extenders, or other forms of network extenders may segment devices onto different IP address subnets causing network access issues.
• Perform a proper reset of the My Cloud device.

My Cloud OS 5: How to Reset a My Cloud OS 5 Device

It is possible you are experiencing the OS5 “indexing” issue that has plagued many. WD has a couple of Knowledge Base Articles on the issue:

My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access Content Indexing FAQ

Best Practice for My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access and Indexing

If it is indeed an indexing issue one workaround is to just leave the My Cloud alone and let it finish indexing. Unfortunately it may take a significant amount of time, possibly days, to complete the indexing process.

More OS5 support articles are found at the following link:

My Cloud OS 5: Online User Guide and Solutions