MyCloud without internet, without router. (vacation example)

for a period of three months, I will not be home, I’ll be without internet connection.
I am looking for the best way, the most simple to connect my “MyCloud” on TV.
with a WD TV Live Media Player, is there a way to connect them directly, or do I have to plug them both on a router and create a local network?

Thank you for your answers,

and sorry if this question has already been asked,

id not find, or I do not have enough sought on the forum.


you are talking about carrying the mycloud and WD TV with you. Correct?

you can set a static IP on each device such as and with a subnet of and connect a cable between them. If the link light does not come on try a crossover cable, this should work

Hi larryg0,
thank you for the quick response,
actually, it should work, it makes sense.
to confess everything, I have not yet bought the wd tv live media player,
when the thing is done,
I will give the result of your solution.