Mycloud WDBCTL0020HWT (2TB) completely dead =>upgrade to 4TB

Hi everybody,

First off all, I want to apologize for my poor english. I’m Belgian and I live near Liège (Belgium). If my words make you laugh it’s a good day for me coz we don’t laugh enough.

Unfortunately my proud My Cloud 2Tb crashed 3 days ago for no reason.
I could refurbish it with a brand new image on the original hdd but I would like to upgrade the Mycloud to 4Tb. Cause I have one. My PC is under UBUNTU 18.04 LTS because it’s good, powerfull and free.

I proceed the upgrade with à 4Tb WD blue hdd and the 3Tb image i used just recognize it as a 2Tb drive which lets me with 1,5Tb free. NOGOOD!
I’ve search on the net and I don’t find any solution. NOGOOD TO!

Is there someone who has a solution for me? Pleaaaase. :slight_smile:
Is there a solution?

So, have you already installed the 4tb drive in your MyCloud case? The easiest way to do this is to copy (backup) the entire contents of your 2tb MyCloud to another drive, in your computer, another NAS (can be temporary) or a USB drive, replace the 2tb drive in the MyCloud with the 4tb and format it, then copy the contents of your backup to the 4tb drive.