Mycloud ultra2 full stop working

Hey everyone, first post here. I hope everyone is good.
One week ago I bought a cycloid ultra, everything was fine. Set it up on my new Mac mini, and have the mobile app on my iPhone, everything was great.

Today it stopped working. Neither available on my Mac, nor my mobile. I changed routers (I have a google wifi mesh network. no luck). Turned power on then off, no luck. I reset (holding down the reset for 40 second), no luck. The lights are all solid blue.

I can’t access it via cycloid online either. And if I go all the way back to mycloud setup online, after the reset, it isn’t discovered by the setup. Yet still, all the lights are fine.

I am on Mac Catalina. I ham a music producer so I am say with my computers, but when it comes to network-speak, I am may be a little lacking. Is there any tricks I can perform to get this going? All my gear is quite new and in tp-yop shape, finding it a little disappointing that I have these problems, as this is supposed to be a server at my music studio/workplace.

Thanks so much everyone,

so I’ve connected it to my Mac mini via internet, and now it sees it. But of course this inst the point of mycloud, so is it possible to make a complete reinstall of software etc when connected physically to the computer?