Mycloud stuck at version 3?

I have a WD MyCloud and in the web interface it says I have firmware version WDMyCloud v03.04.01-230. When I click on “check for update” it says “Your firmware is up to date”. Yet I see many posts here about version 4? Do I need to manually do a firmware update? Or is my device too old for version 4? Anything else I might be missing?


First do you have a single bay My Cloud? If so, yes you can manually download the latest firmware and try to update your My Cloud.

Note that if you previously “unbricked” you might have trouble upgrading to the latest v4.x firmware. For some unbricking users the Dashboard was unreachable post v4.x upgrade. Here is one thread that talks about this particular rare issue.

Wow, thanks for the quick response. Yes, I have unbricked my unit in the past and I do have the GPT issues at this point. I have my data backed up elsewhere, but it is such a pain and time consuming to go through all of this. I may just leave it at v3 then :frowning: