MyCloud - Streaming/Playing all music within folder/list on Windows?

I recently just got MyCloud a couple of days ago and have been messing around with it, luckily no issues so far. Although I have uploaded a giant selection of music and separated into the individual folders that I wanted, I have been unsuccessful at playing them on my Windows computer. The app for my android works flawlessly at streaming the music and it can be set on shuffle and repeat. I was wondering if that were possible to do as well on a windows computer? When opening a song - it downloads it and plays it, that one and only song. I cannot select multiple songs either or else it wouldn’t be much of an issue. 

Thanks for the help.

You have two options.

  1. Open windows explorer and browse to your music collections i.e. \wdmycloud\Public… or if you have already map them to a drive, select your collections and play or make play list with your favorite windows music player.

  2. Use DLNA capable players such as windows media player to browse, play, make play list of your collections. Ensure the share folder where you have your collections media serving option turned on in wdmycloud dashboard.