MyCloud stops working randomly

First of all, I dont have a gigabit router, but I dont know if that matter.

So anyway, Whenever I play media files on mycloud using windows media player, after around 30 mins or so, I suddenly stops playing and I have to close the windows media player for it to establish a new connection or something to work again. It Happens on both music and video files.

I tried turning off the sleep mode but no success.

any solutions?


Hello PatrickM, try setting a static IP to for the My Cloud. Check page 80 of the manual for more information.

I think I must’ve put the wrong addresses cause I cant access it anymore? How do I reset? and does it delete my files and user?


Nevermind, It’s already fixed. Im still yet to know if the media files still stops playing.

Seems like it still stops. Any more ideas?