MyCloud still trying (and failing) to sync deleted files

It just keeps trying to sync the stuff I have deleted for having a file pathname that’s too long to sync. Some of it I have reduced the path length, some of it I just deleted it for being obsolete anyway. Anyone any ideas please?

I’ve read some other threads here and WD never seem to reply to any messages - do they depend on peer advice for their entire customer support?

If you are experiencing WD Sync problems, one common suggestion is to remove the software, then reinstall the software. Or do what some others have done and dump the flaky WD Software and go with a third party solution like Free File Sync (

One word of note if installing Free File Sync. Read each installer screen very carefully and opt out of the adware from OpenCandy that may be bundled with the installer program.

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Thanks for such a speedy reply.

I have wondered whether there is something amiss with the proprietery software as it has 2k+ files to sync every time I switch on the PC - all in folders I haven’t touched in months (like last year’s work).

I’ll try the reinstall FreeFileSync when I get a minute - I’m working on my annual accounts at the moment so I’ll probably get them done first. Thanks for the adware warning.

If all the peers are as well-versed as you are, there’s no need for WD to monitor this very hard :slight_smile:

Cheers again

WD Sync is what it is. For some it works fine, for others it doesn’t. Common problems are; that it doesn’t sync all files in a monitored folder instead files cued up to sync but never synced, that it fills up the My Cloud with files in a hidden WD Sync folder, and that files open on the computer are not synced.

The main downside with Free File Sync is the lack of remote syncing other than using SFTP which is not officially supported by the WD My Cloud. There are possible unofficial workarounds to this remote access issue with Free File Sync but most all involve using SSH.