MyCloud - Static, Pubblic IP


I have an pubblic static IP assigned to me from my provider and I had enable mycloud for remote access. I had mapped the 80 and 443 ports and all work fine; but, i have a problem.
When I go on my pubblic address ([[DELETED]]) I get a redirect on “[[DELETED]]/UI” and I obtain an 403 error. Where is the error? Any ideas?
Next, I run Transmission on 8080 port, and in my local network all work fine. I have be done port forward also on the 8080 port but I don’t reach Transmission from external net.
Can you help me please?

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Hello, what you are trying to do is access the user interface from a remote location, which with the My Cloud will throw an error 403 forbidden.

What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

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I want to reach the transmission web interface that in local network run on device):8080…and in local network work…

Hi, you might need to change ports for the Transmission interface, the My Cloud firmware will redirect all connected from a web browser coming on port 80 or 8080 to the dashboard.

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Hello @lluna you give me an hope! Ok, I will try to put in run transmission on 9091, default, port.
Hence, is normal to obtain 403 if i access dashboard from external net ?

Yes, it is normal, unless you have a WD My Cloud EX series or DL series, those have an option that is called “Remote Dashboard” that after being enabled, you are able to access the dashboard from outside of the network.

@Antonio_Pernarella hi, please help me, how to mapped? why you should map 80 and 443 port? i have also a static ip address the is associate to the software router, thanks