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I feel really stupid, my device worked again simply by putting it in a vertical orientation instead of horizontal.

Shame on me as this is covered in the user manual.

Hi. I am having similar problem with my drive. Want to try out your solution. Can you please help with how and where to run the commands? I am on Windows 10 laptop and installed UBUNTU from Windows Store.

The process theagustin used involves accessing the My Cloud drive using SSH. This only works if the My Cloud drive is still accessable via SSH. Using SSH generally means one has to enable it in the My Cloud Dashboard. If you didn’t enable it preivously and cannot access the My Cloud Dashboard then those steps used theaugustin via SSH may not work.

Generally for SSH access in Windows one does not need to use Linux (Ubuntu). Instead one can use a SSH client. Putty ( is one such free popular SSH client.

One runs the commands in the SSH terminal window after they initiate an SSH connection to the My Cloud.

Thanks Bennor. I could enable SSH on My Cloud Dashboard.

Will try to follow the instructions.


Finally my drive is fixed!! :slight_smile:

Thanks all! :pray: