MyCloud software is really bad and annoys you. Don't buy a my Cloud device!


my WD MyCloud device crashs very often. Becuase of this crashes I have lose a lot of data with was deleted automaticlly by wd sync. This is not acceptable! The firmware is up-to-date. The software, too.

WD My Cloud is also not so userfriendly. I’m trying to copy some files on my device and get the message “The folder allready exists”. OK, but which on does allready exist there? This applications don’t tell it to you. If you copy only two folders, you can find it very fast, but if there are more folders to be copied, you have to find the existing one by your self. This is really annoying.

If you have to buy some storage, NAS or something, don’t buy WD My Cloud! You will not be happy with this!

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How exactly does your My Cloud device “crash”? Is the front LED no longer blue? Is the My Cloud Dashboard unreachable with a web browser? Is the My Cloud no longer reachable with Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

What application is telling you “the folder already exists” when copying files to the My Cloud? How are you copying the files? Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder, WD My Cloud Desktop, WD mobile apps, web portal? What computer operating system are you using?

Have you read the My Cloud User Manual (

While you may not be happy with the My Cloud, others are satisfied with the My Cloud. Are there certain problems with the My Cloud firmware? Yes. Are there certain problems with the WD software provided with the My Cloud? Yes. Are there 3rd party software programs (some of them free) that will perform a similar function (sometimes better) than the WD software? Yes. Does one need to use the WD software to access their My Cloud on the local network? NO!!!