Mycloud slowing down read speed

My setup

-Wd my cloud 3tb: router via gigabit ethernet cable
-Desktop PC: router via gigabit ethernet cable
-Huawei gigabit router

I copy a single file from my cloud to ssd drive on desktop pc.

My cloud after restart everything is normal. Read speed is ~108 mb/sn.

But a few hours later read speed of slowing down is ~63 mb/sn

A few hours after returning to normal speed again.

What causes the speed to slow down? Is it possible thermal throttling?

Windows 10? If yes, what build?


Yes. I’m using windows 10 1511 (Build 10586.36). All updates installed.

I see that you are copying one file for the first test. But what is being done during the time frame before the second speed test? What is used for the second speed test? Was the My Cloud idle during the time frame between tests?


Getting constant 60MBps is already quite good with the MyCloud. Possible causes are but not limited to:

  1. NAS drive giving I/O priority to other jobs i.e. indexing.

  2. Read cache exhausted filled with other data prints.